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Interview with Miha Ambrož

Happy New Year dear readers!

May 2024 be filled with health, creativity, love and gratitude. Let's make it extraordinary together by supporting one another. ❤️

Embark on a new journey with me in "Barbara's Dance Room", a Spotify podcast where dance steals the spotlight.

After four years of writing blogs and basking in your uplifting feedback, I'm thrilled to introduce this new platform to share the beauty of dance. I hope that you will enjoy the insightful conversations with world-renowned dance experts and performers as we will dive into the heart of dance and unveil its fascinating stories.

 The podcast extends the essence of my blogs, aiming to enrich dance topics with the collective knowledge of our esteemed guests. We'll also shine a spotlight on the iconic figures of ballroom dancing, unraveling their compelling life narratives.

In our inaugural episode, join me and my son, Miha Ambroz, an IT consultant, as we unravel the essence of being true to oneself. From technical wizardry in podcast creation to capturing the soul of dance on film, Miha's collaborative spirit ignites a celebration of individual expression.

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Dive into personal narratives and anecdotes, exploring the universal quest to find and embrace authenticity. This episode isn't just about dance; it's an exploration of finding passion, identity and genuine self-expression. Tune in for a captivating blend of personal stories, dance wisdom, and the empowering journey of 'Being Yourself.'

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Miha Ambroz, an IT wizard, also filmed and edited "The Cuban Experience Workshop" (Full Documentary) that you can see on YouTube and a documentary "BACK TO THE ROOTS - The Authentic Cuban Footprint in Competitive Latin American Dancing."

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